Jake Rabani

Chief Executive Officer

Jake Rabani shares a diverse upbringing in sports, music, and science, eventually leading him to a Communication degree from the University of South Florida.

Originally aspiring to a career in the NFL, Jake heavily contemplated coaching college football after his high school coaches insisted he should.

His life took a significant turn after being captivated by the film "Interstellar," sparking a deep interest in physics. Ultimately, he learned his true passion wasn’t so much science as it was filmmaking.

Known for his adaptability and willingness to learn on the go, he ventured into app development when he recognized a pressing market need. Jake is marked by his steadfast determination to transform his vision into reality, driven by a strong desire to provide the world with a useful new tool.

Hometown: Naples, FL
Favorite Movie: 28 Days Later (2003)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Actor: Brad Haft 
Genre: Horror

Peyton Wallingford

Chief Operating Officer

Peyton, a University of South Florida marketing graduate, co-founded WAVES, a platform empowering independent artists to share their stories through film. While in college, he met his co-founders, Jake Rabani and Brad Haft, through a comedy club he initiated. Their collaborative success in producing music videos inspired the launch of Only Wave, which later evolved into WAVES.
Peyton's passion for WAVES is driven by his profound love for music; he actively plays the guitar and supports local talent. Recognizing a market gap, he envisioned a platform offering essential tools and exposure to independent artists.
After two years of freelance work and various roles, Peyton now fully dedicates himself to WAVES. He ambitiously aims to make artistic independence a viable alternative to major labels. WAVES, along with future projects, seeks to create an environment where independent artists can thrive without corporate constraints, embodying their commitment to "feeding the starving artist".
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (2004)
Director: Wes Craven
Actor: Harrison Ford
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Brad Haft

Chief Innovation Officer

Brad is on a mission to ignite engaging conversations and uncover untold stories. His role involves steering the company towards new horizons, challenging conventional norms, and enhancing WAVES' competitiveness in design, utility, and marketing. His fervor for storytelling and bringing smiles to people's faces fuels his endeavors.
Brad's personal connection to this mission stems from his mother's struggle with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. He has always aimed to uplift his parents with his stories, humor, and advocacy for mental health. With a diverse background spanning media and entertainment, including hosting festivals and Field Test parties, writing for major outlets, executive news production, marketing comedy clubs, and studying social media algorithms, Brad is a versatile talent.
Brad brought co-founders Peyton Wallingford and Jake Rabani together at the University of South Florida, where he initiated the school's first comedy club. Together, they conceived WAVES to democratize storytelling and entertainment. Brad's loved ones and his aspiration to touch lives drive him to make WAVES in the world.
Hometown: Marlboro, New Jersey
Favorite Movie: Serendipity (2001)
Director: The Neistat Brothers
Actor: Maxwell Jacob Friedman
Genre: Dramedy

Justin Rudolph

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Justin has a rich background in app development. Justin graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami, holding a BSBA in Business Technology and a minor in Game Design.
His contributions to the WAVES app are extensive, including designing the user-friendly interface and building a robust backend infrastructure. Justin takes pride in securing investor relationships and raising $50k to drive WAVES’ success.
Guided by core values like work ethic, passion, and creativity, he stands out for his relentless pursuit of excellence. Justin believes in putting his best foot forward, pushing boundaries, and consistently delivering exceptional results. His path from Clearwater to the forefront of app development reflects dedication, talent, and an unwavering commitment to quality. He eagerly continues this journey alongside the rest of the WAVES team.
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Favorite Movie: Interstellar (2014)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Actor: Margot Robbie
Genre: Sci-Fi

David Mills

Co-Chief Technology Officer

David is a programming prodigy who grew up in Hingham, a quaint suburb near Boston. He has a flair for both logic and art, which he expresses through coding, painting, and music.
He studied Computer Science at the University of Miami, where he also honed his skills as an App Developer. He is the mastermind behind WAVES’ stunning UX/UI design, efficient backend structure, and sophisticated feed algorithms.
David loves his team, who share his passion and vision for WAVES. He is always positive, energetic, and eager to challenge himself and others. He is not afraid of tough conversations or playing devil’s advocate because he believes that the best ideas come from debate and discourse.
David is confident that WAVES can change the world of film, and he is excited to share it with everyone.
Hometown: Boston, MA
Favorite Movie: The Truman Show (1998)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Actor: Jim Carrey
Genre: Thriller